Art arose from the rituals and practices of everyday life.’ (Krause) Because of this it has the potential to contribute to progress. A personal vision and documentation of everyday life can, in a wider perspective, be a contribution to a larger body of work extending way beyond the individual production. From a global body of artistic research informed by everyday life discoveries can be made and conclusions drawn about what we have in common but also about ‘...what can and must change and be transformed in people’s lives’. (Lefebvre)


My work has a starting point in personal experience. This experience has regional and cultural traits. Specifically I’ve taken an interest in the northern sense of isolation. This theme runs like a thread through Scandinavian art, literature and music over time, e.g. Edvard Munch’s century old woodblock prints or contemporary Scandinavian black metal music. I have intended to take into account the relationship between regional experience and a more general global culture e.g. the impersonal objects and places produced by late capitalism.


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