I’m a nomadic textile, environmental artist living and working between Europe and Asia.


In my projects I explore matter, transformation, processes of generation and decay involving different levels of control and challenging the boundaries of authorship and active intervention. The act of art making is, for me, an interrogative process within a new environment and my personal way to get closer to new cultures and people.


The material is considered as a carrier of meaning and it is chosen for its potential to narrate stories, relate to people, places, tradition and history.


In Soft water, the material is called to activate a visual-auditory-tactile synaesthesia. The sensory fascination of matter is an instrumental medium to engage and open communication with people and place. The memory of the senses is triggered by the encounter with the material. The audience can experience, through vision, sound, touch and smell an extension of the time lived connecting back to the time of creation, manipulation and transformation of the material.


In my large scale, immersive installations I utilise ancient practices: hand weaving, knitting, crochet, felting, embroidery, paper making. I combine these with new media: video and sound.


I care about environmental sustainability researching  and promoting the use of natural, recycled and local materials, and I feed my practice with multicultural influences.


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Instagram: @Lelli000