Above: 'Alone with the Object' from the series 'Minuscule Monsters', oil on paper, 260x360cm 


The works draw on my childlike awe and bewilderment, felt when peering into the vast unknown through a scientific lens. They may emanate from secular origins but speak toward something quite different. They are my tussle between logical reasoning and an instinctive want for the sublime.


My practice reflects scientific investigations into areas previously dominated by the spiritual and philosophical. The spiritual void is now the vacuum of space. Particles pop in and out of existence. Gods are dissolving into electromagnetic fields.


The works are not concerned with the vast scales at play within the scientific void, but rather the intimate scale of the human body. They aim to prod at any inner, restrained predisposition to mystical thinking. Shapes imbued with anthropomorphised character. Curtains of oily forms and embossed surfaces float there, existing. Mischievous bodies, agents, genies, or voids. Waiting, watching, ready to entangle themselves with the individuals they encounter. 


The works strive to allow the body to engage with the immaterial, through material portals. They are rabbit holes for imaginative play, enclaves, interfaces where contact can be made, and where the human scale can commune with something other


Website: www.kirlamont.com

Instagram: @kirlamont



Above: 'Growing Pigeon Sense, Brain Maps for Black Birds (1)', oil on paper, 280x200cm

Above: 'Growing Pigeon Sense, Brain Maps for Black Birds (2)', oil on paper, 280x200cm