Above: Still from Conversations with Myself (2019)


I am interested in how people inhabit the earth, move around, take up space and communicate. Particularly how we converse with each other and ourselves. The works featured here are a form of physical self expression- the body is both the site of practice and conduit for the action.


Body Alphabet this code was developed to find a way to deliver a message only using the body. Words are spelled out using a physically laborious process that the viewer can choose to decode or not. Spelling out messages through a code requires effort. This effort could be seen as a way to desperately try to communicate while struggling to be understood.


Making these works in public resulted in a small interruption of the everyday goings on in that space. By paying attention to the everyday ‘normal’ you can de-familiarize it and consider ‘what is normal?’


Pushing Through is neither a story nor a message. It’s a glimpse into a netherworld of blind groping, pushing, violent shoving and bouncing against a rippling pool of black. The work addresses the Sisyphean act of pushing against something that won't give, and claustrophobia. How the work affects the viewer, if at all, is not predictable, but if echoes of it re-appear in your dreams then it has done its job.


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Above: Still from Pushing Through (2019) 


Above: Still from Conversations with Myself (2019)


Above: Still from Conversations with Myself (2019)