‘Art’ is where we make meaning beyond language`



I am fascinated by the rituals we use in our everyday lives, the big ones and the small habitual ones.  My own are enacted  through the activity of  making art which I find is a shamanic  process where during  the liminal stage  the artist becomes a conduit  for instilling agency and emotion into the workand transferring belief into material. The use of everyday materials and found objects as well as  modern technology play an important role in my practice.

Work in this exhibition explores  the connections between memory, ritual and meaning  and also considers how art can use the emotional connection known as  Kama muta to transfer meaning to the viewer.

Pattern is also an important element in my practice, both visually and through  repetitive processes. These are both comforting and meditative and act as a controlling activity, bringing order to a chaotic world.


Website: www.marymyers.co.uk

Facebook: @marymyersart